Talking Team-mates with…Carly Telford

With international breaks comes our new interview series Talking Team-mates and this time, it’s Carly Telford giving us the lowdown on her Blues team-mates.

First up was Drew Spence and now Chelsea’s goalkeeper Telford reveals which team-mate she would stand with during a Tsunami, which Blue has the most swag and those who she would choose to go on a road trip with.

Who has the best taste in music?

We have Beth [England] who is in charge of the music in the dressing room. I can’t say she has the best taste in music but she’s up there. She has a good range of music and is happy to take requests which is really nice. I’ll have to say her because she does play a good variety, so I can’t argue. Some oldies, some cheesy, so we can’t argue with that.

Who has the worst taste in music?

Quite a few of the girl’s drift into our changing rooms because we are separated due to Covid protocols. They come in to listen to our music because someone apparently hasn’t got good taste in there. I’m not naming any names but apparently, it’s the captain!

Who is the best dressed?

I think Drew [Spence] will always try and claim that. I mean she does have some swag to be fair, so I’ll hang my hat on Drew. The Scandinavians always do look really smart though. Nothing special about it but really smart, they do it really well. Never any brands but smart. I’d maybe go for Drew and Magda [Eriksson].

Who is the worst dressed?

No one dresses terribly but Erin has some rogue outfits sometimes! I love Erin [Cuthbert] because she doesn’t care and that’s what I love about her. She does have some special outfits and they do get dragged out every now and again!

Who would you say is the funniest?

Erin is really funny and then Sam is always messing around doing funny stuff and always laughing. Between the two of them you know you are always in for a good time. They are always at the back of the bus with me and we are always laughing. Erin is stupid and always doing funny things. Then Sam finds everything hilarious, so she’s just laughing at everything all the time. The pair of them together are quality to be around. Erin for her silliness but if you are around Sam, you’ll not be sat sad because she is a really funny girl who loves to find happiness in anything, so the two of them together with their different ways bring a different dimension to the changing room but very positive ones.

Who is the most chilled?

Ann Katrin-Berger, by far. There could be a Tsunami approaching Cobham and she would look no different. Everyone else would be flying around trying to get away and Ann would be chilling out saying everything will be fine. She is the person you would want in a crisis because she is so relaxed. It must be a German thing because Melly is pretty chilled as well, but Ann is just the definition of laid back. The most chilled human I’ve ever met in my life.

Who are the ones who are always up to no good?

It used to be Drew and Hannah [Blundell] but Drew isn’t up to as many tricks as she used to be! Maybe every now and again but it’s always Erin and Sam. They are always doing silly things.

Who would you say could go onto be a manager in football?

It’s got to be Pernille or Magz [Magda Eriksson]. There are a few of us doing our coaching badges and P and Magz are too. They know the game inside out, they both play at a very high level and are both captains. They will naturally slot into a manager or head coach role and they are destined to go into great things within the game. I can see from their personalities and how much they learn from the game, they will be able to go on and do that quite successfully.

If you were going on a road trip – who would you choose to take with you?

Me, Millie [Bright], Sam and Erin sit at the back of the bus together all the time. We are pretty close outside of football as well as in it and that’s mainly from lockdown. We knew Sam was going to be by herself, so we wanted to look after eachother and from then we got a little bond. It’s such a good group in terms of personality, lots of different personalities but lots of good characters. If we went on a road trip, which we have actually discussed doing in the summer, it would be carnage!

Who is the coaches pet?

I wouldn’t say coaches’ pet, I would class them as really diligent and that’s got to be Niamh [Charles] and Jessie Fleming. They love Denise [Reddy] and they are always out on the grass 10 to 15 minutes beforehand and they are always out afterwards doing different drills. They are always finding ways to improve and doing their analysis. They aren’t coaches pets, it’s due diligence and I really appreciate that. I appreciate them striving to be better every day and it’s something that all kids should try to be like because I don’t think you can ever have enough hours on the grass, and I think it’s paying off for both of them.

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