'Half human, half great white!' - Mount's video update after dental surgery

Blues midfielder posts hilarious video update after having his wisdom teeth removed...

Mason Mount's recent arrival on social media platform TikTok has already provided his followers with plenty of entertainment and they were treated to another rare insight into his life this week.

The Chelsea Player of the Year missed recent victories against Newcastle United and Malmo due to issues with his wisdom teeth, with boss Thomas Tuchel indicating prior to the Burnley game that the problem may require dental surgery,

‘It’s a tricky one,’ said Tuchel. ‘He was ill but the reason was his wisdom tooth and a bit of an infection. 

'He has lost a bit of weight because he cannot eat properly. He is taking medication but it seems like a proper treatment needs to be done.’

Mount's latest video has provided another update, with the 22-year-old filmed in good spirits on the way home from the procedure. You can watch a snippet below or click here for the full video.

'I still look as good as ever,' he slurs through the numbness caused by anaesthetic. 'If I got punched right now, I wouldn't even feel it!

'I reckon I'm half human, half great white with the size of these gnashers,' he adds jokingly.

Mount has not joined up with the England squad as they prepare for crucial World Cup qualifiers against Albania and San Marino, with the FA indicating they were monitoring his situation.

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