Quiz: Can you name every Chelsea trophy-winning manager?

Thomas Tuchel is one of 16 managers to have lifted silverware as manager of the Blues’ men’s team – but do you think you can name each of the remaining 15 trophy-winning gaffers?

For this quiz, we’ve taken the decision to remove any war-time honours or pre-season tournaments, which aren’t recognised on the club’s honours page. That still leaves plenty of silverware, however, that has been spread around nicely among a select few managers.

We’re not just going to throw you in at the deep end, either. You’ll be given a clue ahead of each guess, with some answers multiple-choice and others requiring you to type in the name, which should help you along the way to a perfect 15 out of 15. 

Think you can achieve that? Well, what are you waiting for – let’s get cracking!

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