Tuchel on the importance of not jumping to conclusions from Everton draw and finding new solutions to absent players

Following a frustrating evening at Stamford Bridge that ended with a 1-1 draw against Everton, Thomas Tuchel believes it is vital to look at the game on its own and not make assumptions about why we couldn't take all three points based on previous matches.

We took the lead against the Toffees through Mason Mount after half-time with a goal which had been coming for a long time, as we dominated the match throughout and drew a number of saves from visiting goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, especially during the first 45 minutes.

However, our lead didn't last long, as Everton found an equaliser from a free-kick which turned out to be their only real chances of the match.

Following other recent disappointing results, Tuchel believes it would be misleading to make the easy asumptions about where things went wrong. Instead, the answers to recapturing our earlier form are likely to be much less obvious, given that on another day tonight's game against Everton could have ended in a comfortable win for his Chelsea side, but the German has promised to keep looking until he finds them.

'Today we were not in the lead at half-time, obviously, but we could have been in the lead at half-time, easy,' he said. 'We have to be careful now, also myself, because it is easy to point the finger and say it happens again, it happens again, but we have a huge chance to sit here after the same game and talk about a 3-0 and how impressive things are when we miss so many players.

'It’s a huge possibility because it’s one free-kick and we got punished again. If we look back it seems that it happens too often. We need to consider that sometimes when looking back we also do a lot of mistakes when analysing and finding patterns which are maybe not there. But you can be sure we will not look away, the dressing room is so very disappointed, I’m very disappointed, of course.'

While Tuchel is determined to get to the bottom of why we aren't picking up more points, he takes some comfort from the fact we are still performing well, even if we are struggling to convert those performances into the results they deserve...

'I would be more concerned if we were totally out of form and concede the first goal and struggling to come back. I would be more concerned then. Maybe it would be easier to analyse.

'I don’t think it’s too easy to analyse our situation because if you look at it, for example in the first half at West Ham. I saw teams struggle at West Ham and have huge problems. All three goals came more or less out of nothing. Then against Leeds everything was under control. We played a very good first half, then a good 15 minutes, then they score and then the game gets out of our hands.

'Today it is a freak result for this kind of match so where to point the finger and where to start, I don’t think it’s too easy to analyse the situation. There are some facts. That we concede too many goals, which was not the case today. That we give away too many leading positions, yes this is a part of that and you can be sure that we are looking at it very honest, very critically. But it is for me not so easy to analyse why we are dropping points.

'It was the same against Burnley at home, undeserved. The investment we do for getting goals at the moment is so huge and I can never say that we play without full effort and ambition. We do and especially throughout first halves and throughout big periods. We constantly do. But it seems we get punished for not doing a lot wrong. It’s a bit awkward and strange to analyse.'

He admitted to needing to get creative with his substitutions in pursuit of a goal as Covid and injuries reduced our attacking options, although he doesn't feel those absences are the cause of our problems...

'We played with Saul as our number nine and we went with Trevoh because maybe we score a goal from a set-piece, because he’s very strong at set-pieces. It was the chance we had so we are taking the decisions and then making the best out of the situation.

'I’m concerned that we have too many players out, I think today six or seven players out. This is one of the key problems in the moment. You know about the situation in the midfield since eight weeks and again all our strikers are out, we had this situation just like four weeks ago when Romelu and Kai were both injured for weeks. So we struggle obviously with this and at the same point we always focus on the solution and on the guys we have on the pitch. We were strong enough to win the game today.

'Again, I’m not so sure right now why we get punished like this. I see teams concede much more chances than we do, I see teams concede much more half-chances than we do. We conceded absolutely nothing and still it’s a draw. I think we have a huge possibility to sit here with a 3-0 for us and it would be a fair result, but I cannot change it anymore and that’s why we need to find the balance in being honest and critical with each other, but to accept sometimes that we get punished for not a lot.'

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