A Family Portrait

The next instalment of Club Culture, a programme where the club collaborates with London’s most exciting creative talent, is a series titled A Family Portrait, launching this week.

This unique portrait series is captured by avid Chelsea fan and creator director Diogo Lopes and is a time capsule documenting the end of 2021 - a huge year in Chelsea FC’s history. It showcases a mix of faces from the club’s community. Players, fans, managers and creators unite as equals, forming an extended creative family.

A Family Portrait features star players and celebrated creators, including Mason Mount, Reece James, N’Golo Kante, Kepa, Lauren James, Ji So-Yun, Carly Telford, Olivia Dale, Emma Thompson, Felicia Pennant, Ocean Lewis, Iqra Ismail, Kelvyn Quagraine, Diogo Lopes, Jamal Edwards, Capo Lee and Sam Pemberton.

‘We have been on a journey over the past few years, building strong connections with the diverse, creative community London offers,’ says Chelsea’s director of marketing Gary Twelvetree. ‘Some of the world’s most exciting talent learn and hone their craft in this city, and as a club situated in a part of London historically known for its creativity it’s a perfect fit.

‘Whilst we are the Pride of London on the football pitch, this creative talent is what makes us proud to be part of this city and The Club Culture programme aims to unite the two. A Family Portrait is our way of nodding to the successful year the club has had across all of the teams and the great family spirit that exists between them, which Diogo has captured beautifully in the campaign.’


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