‘She is a legend’, ‘He was born for Chelsea’ - Tuchel and Hayes heap praise on one another

On Monday FIFA announced Chelsea bosses Thomas Tuchel and Emma Hayes were the world’s best in their respective fields, and our managerial duo reacted in unison to the news and hailed the impact each had made.

Tuchel was named The Best FIFA Men’s Coach and Hayes The Best FIFA Women’s Coach in a ceremony in Zurich earlier this week, with both joining virtually and being interviewed together to enjoy shared celebrations recognising their remarkable work at Chelsea.

When Hayes was asked about her counterpart’s efforts since taking over a year ago, she did not hesitate.

‘The minute he came to Chelsea, I knew he was born for Chelsea, and he knows it as well,' Hayes said.

'He knows what it is to be a manager of Chelsea, and not many of us get that privilege. But he’s great to watch, he’s a lot of fun, his team’s amazing to watch, and I’m just grateful that we’ve got him at the club. Lucky us!’

Tuchel was only happy to return the compliment when asked about Hayes’s body of work in the past decade.

‘It speaks for itself,’ he said.

‘She is already a legend here, and I’m trying hard to keep up and to stay as long as she does, and to catch as many titles, because no matter what she does, in the end, she turns out to be on top of whichever competition; she has what it takes.

‘We met very early on in the building and since then it’s always nice to meet her, it’s always nice to chat. It’s not so easy because of the different bubbles in which we are in, so we can’t have as many meetings as maybe we would like to have, to exchange ideas. Her work is extraordinary, and she’s a brilliant coach, and this is well-deserved.

‘We know how hard they work, how good they are, and it’s one club, so we are super happy for them.’

Hayes rounded things off by explaining what makes Chelsea so special, and both our men’s and women’s teams are accustomed to success.

‘It’s an amazing club, I’ve been there 10 years, right from the very top all the way down. It’s a culture of progression, it’s a culture of winning, it demands a lot but it gives a lot.

‘It’s a family, and I’m so proud of both Edouard [Mendy, the Best Men’s Goalkeeper] and Thomas as well, because they know how special our football club is.’

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