Tuchel: Lukaku and Kane will never lose goalscoring knack

Natural goalscorers will always remain natural goalscorers insists Thomas Tuchel, with two of the most famous centre-forwards in world football set to go head to head at Stamford Bridge today.

Romelu Lukaku and Tottenham’s Harry Kane have the same amount of league goals to their names this season, five apiece, and have both gone through periods without goals. In the case of the Chelsea no.9, this has led to talk of his time under new Spurs boss Antonio Conte at Inter Milan and how he played there, and Tuchel has joined that conversation ahead of this afternoon’s kick-off.

‘I can watch football games and I can see where Romelu plays and how he plays and how Inter play, I would say it is not rocket science,’ declares our head coach.

‘We have a pretty clear picture of what Romelu can do, can offer to our game and how we want to include him into our game, and we can clearly improve on that.

‘I remember with Harry Kane I heard a lot of criticism about him at the beginning of the season but in the end, he is what he is. He's a goalscorer. I don't know it but I assume he did this for the whole life of his career.’

Tuchel goes on say that personally, he believes if a player has been able to score as prolifically as Lukaku and Kane have done so at the highest level, that player has been banging in goals from around six years old or whenever they began playing football in a game format.

‘You just have it and you will never lose it,’ he adds. ‘These guys will in the end of a season have a certain amount of goals. Why? Because they proved it. This is simply what they do.’


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