Tuchel: Carabao Cup final was one of the best matches I’ve ever witnessed

Chelsea meet Liverpool again at Wembley on today hoping to go one better than we managed in the Carabao Cup final in February, and Thomas Tuchel believes if it is anywhere near the standard of that match then fans are in for a highly entertaining watch.

So often when trophies are on the line, finals at the national stadium can become tight and cagey matches with neither team wanting to commit or take too many risks, though this cannot be said for February’s League Cup contest.

The high-intensity approach from both sides at Wembley resulted in an entertaining and enthralling encounter, with perhaps the most surprising aspect being that it ended goalless, even after extra time.

It was a match that even Thomas Tuchel has admitted he enjoyed watching, though he conceded that this is a rare occurrence when he is in the Chelsea dugout.

‘No, not really!’ Tuchel joked, when asked if he ever manages to enjoy the spectacle. ‘The last five minutes at Leeds when it was 3-0, I managed to relax a little bit but it is hard.

‘I was aware, for example, in the Carabao Cup final that I was on the side-lines of an incredible and intense match, with high-level football. It was one of the best I have ever witnessed at the side-lines,’ Tuchel added.

‘It can go in one second in the wrong direction and they can grab a lead, it can happen in a blink of an eye, so you are totally on the edge every single minute.

‘You are aware if it is a quality match, but then also if it’s not a quality match. The level of enjoyment from when you arrive in the stadium, and watch the warm-up from the stands, and then at the end you analyse the match, it is very different.’

Tuchel also commented on what he believes defines his Chelsea side, as he goes in search of his first domestic trophy since arriving in January last year.

‘I hope people feel the energy. I hope they know we have a good mix of Academy boys and international players. We are a strong and competitive squad.

‘Before I arrived, I had the impression Chelsea are fierce competitors, that they’re tough to play against and maybe they’re not always the nicest team to play. This is what we try to implement, a certain style of play, and then we need consistency. It was quite attractive over many weeks and months, but lately we lost a bit of momentum. We try to win football games in our way. We are one group with one idea.’

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