Mauricio Pochettino and Emma Hayes have both delivered festive well wishes to Chelsea fans around the world, as well as reflecting on what the holiday season looks like for them.

The men’s and women’s head coaches sat down with us recently to look ahead to the festive season and, as we write this on Christmas Day, the pair wanted to share their memories – and their well wishes – with Chelsea fans around the globe that are celebrating.

Emma begins by highlighting why family is so important to her at this time of year…

‘It’s amazing having family close to you,’ said Emma. ‘Every Christmas, we have about 20 of us that get together plus the little ones who have just the best time. That’s what it’s all about, seeing that joy on their faces.

‘Those little moments – whether it’s having a cocktail together, making fun of family members or playing board games – it’s just a magical time to be with family, close friends and loved ones.

‘It’s two or three days where the sole focus is family. Not work, or any other challenges in your life. It’s all about family. I love that.’

Pochettino echoes the words of his opposite number Hayes, highlighting why sharing with loved ones is so important.

Our head coach gave us an insight into what a Christmas celebration was like for him as a child growing up in Argentina, with Mauricio highlighting the main key difference – the climate!

‘Growing up in Argentina, Christmas was a very important time to be around family,’ explained Pochettino.

‘It looks a lot different to Christmas here in the UK, because over there it is summer and it’s very warm compared to cold like it is here. But special memories with my family at Christmas, for sure.

‘We had a farm when I was growing up, so we had many memories of playing on the farm at Christmas and then going into the swimming pool. Then we would have a big Christmas lunch with the family, 24 or 25 of us. The whole day was just a big party really!’

Reflecting on childhood memories sparked Emma into a trip down memory lane, with the Chelsea Women head coach revelling in her love for Christmas morning as a child and what she appreciates about the day now she’s an adult.

‘I loved Christmas morning as kid,’ added Hayes. ‘Going downstairs and seeing that pile of presents waiting, knowing Father Christmas had been and containing that excitement.

‘As you get older, you appreciate the other things. A lovely Christmas dinner with all the family, enjoying turkey with all the trimmings and then all the family games afterwards. For me, that’s what Christmas is all about – being with the family.’

Both Pochettino and Hayes came together to issue well wishes to the Chelsea fans before signing off, with Mauricio hoping to reward supporters with plenty of points over the festive period.

‘This time of year is a great opportunity to share with one another,’ said Mauricio. ‘We do that here at Chelsea – players, staff, everyone at the club – plus all the fans. It’s a special time and it’s important everyone enjoys themselves and sticks together.

‘It is a busy period for us with games and we hope we can get some victories to make it a very special Christmas!’

Emma had the final say with a heartfelt message to our loyal fans, while also expressing how important it is to care for those less fortunate around us…

‘My message to the fans is simple – enjoy your time with your family and friends but also look out for those perhaps not as fortunate as us,’ said Emma.

‘Christmas can be a challenging time for some people, so check in on your neighbours and things like that because it’s really important to be caring at this time of year.’