During this unusual period without football, we caught up with some of our Academy players to find out what they are getting up to with their spare time indoors.

After speaking with Armando Broja last time, next up is midfielder Tariq Uwakwe, who talks us through what he's currently watching, listening to and learning at home, and details how he is keeping sharp...

What two things are you watching on Netflix at the moment?

'When I’m on Netflix I normally re-watch a lot of stuff. Right now I’m in between watching Narcos and The Big Bang Theory - both are quite different and are easy to watch. One has got more banter and is a little silly, the other has got more action and drama.'

What music have you been listening to?

'When it comes to music, I listen to a bit of everything but right now the two albums that I love have got to be Lil Uzi’s LUV vs The World 2 - he's got some serious bangers on there. The other is Lil Baby's My Turn, another really good album.'

What apps have you been using the most while at home?

'Since the lockdown started, two apps have really taken over my phone. Twitter - which I never used a lot before - and Instagram. There’s been a lot of challenges and other things online that are good to get involved in and they mainly come from these two.'

Video games occupy a lot of time for most Academy boys, which ones have you been playing most?

'The evenings for me are PS4 time, when everybody’s online and you can play with your mates. I’ve always been a FIFA man but NBA 2K20 and Assassins Creed Odyssey are my games right now, no doubt.'

What else have you been doing with your spare time?

'Now that we have a bit more time it gives me a chance to learn new recipes and relax more with my family, something that we don’t get to do much during the season.'

What have you been doing to maintain fitness during this period?

'Since I’ve been away from the club I've been trying to get down to the park whenever I can to maintain my fitness and keep sharp. We get given programmes to do as well and I have a lot of gym equipment that I use at home myself.

'It’s essential right now to not lose too much fitness and to make sure that I can go back sharp for either the remainder of this season or kick off a big next season well.'