A lack of aggression by the team at the right moment was one of the reasons why we took one point against Arsenal on Tuesday night instead of three according to Andreas Christensen.

The Dane, who was starting his fourth game in a row, reflected the general feeling of frustration all round that Chelsea had not been able to make our numerical advantage count after David Luiz had been sent off in the first half, and that we had not been able to hold on to the victory despite taking the lead twice, the second time in the 84th minute.‘The first 30 minutes I thought we were on top,’ Christensen declared soon after the 2-2 draw.‘We were aggressive, we tried to control the game with a lot of energy and that worked. As soon as we got the first goal and Arsenal went down to 10 men, we had a hard time adjusting to that even though we should be able to manage, but then in the break inside [the dressing room], we said we wanted to come out with a lot of energy again and try to control it and really go for the second goal.

‘We worked hard for the second goal which is why we are very disappointed that basic errors allowed them into the game.‘We worked incredibly hard to get the second goal after Arsenal had scored and we finally got it and for some reason we were not aggressive enough outside of own box at that moment [when they equalised again].‘For us it is very disappointing, we want to make this a tough place to come and play but the facts right now are we are dropping too many points at home, like today when for some reason we could not hold on to a win in the last minutes,’ he added.Although stating a team must learn from its mistakes is a standard thing to say, Christensen insists it still holds true in this case.‘We still believe in our style and our team,’ he said.‘We have to look at ourselves and how we fix this, keep working hard in training and hopefully things change for us.’

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