In the latest bonus edition of the regular Ask Frank video series, our head coach discussed Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud’s relationship, as well as revealing the most important thing he learned from Chelsea legend Gianfranco Zola.

You can watch the full interview above, where Lampard speaks about the forming of a striker’s union between Abraham and Giroud, as the two put the competition for places aside to support each other on and off the pitch.

‘Their relationship is great and they should both take credit for that because everyone wants to play every week,’ he says. ‘Sometimes when Tammy’s playing I hear Oli’s voice behind me complimenting him on hold-up play or movement.

‘When I hear Tammy jump up when Oli scores or vice versa, those are things that make a squad. Simple things, that’s personality, and those two in their own ways have got huge personalities in the squad.’

Frank also spoke about the importance of the experienced members of the squad setting the right example to their younger team-mates, as well as revealing the influence that kind of leadership had on him as a young player.

‘When I came to Chelsea, Gianfranco Zola instantly set an example of training and staying out and working on his free-kicks and being so invested in his own game at 36 or 37.

‘Instantly I looked at that and was like “wow, if he’s doing that I have to do something like that because he’s done everything and there’s the clear reason why". Clearly he was talented too, but that work ethic was something that I found very special.’