Have you ever wished to ask Frank Lampard a question? Well we are offering fans the opportunity to do just that via our official app, The 5th Stand.

How do I ask Frank a question?

Asking the boss a question is easy. First of all, you need to download the official Chelsea app – The 5th Stand – and then head to the ‘Ask Frank’ article within the Follow feed, which tends to be posted each Thursday afternoon. Once there, you can submit your question for our head coach via the comments section.

How can I watch Ask Frank?

The Ask Frank video is available to view for free in the app from around 6pm on a Friday evening. Just head into the app and you can find the episode in either the Follow or the Watch section. Don’t worry if Friday evenings aren’t good for you, as the video will remain in the Watch section for you to view at a later date that suits you.

What sort of questions get put to Lampard?

There's a complete variety of questions and that's the beauty of this feature, it's totally driven by our supporters. You pick the topics and the best three questions of that week will be put to Frank. Here's a look at the best bits of Ask Frank from so far this season...

Does this feature run every week?

Yes, it sure does. Submit your questions on a Thursday afternoon via the app and you can watch the full episode on the app and chelseafc.com from around 6pm on a Friday.