Reece James and Toni Rudiger are the latest Chelsea players to help support health workers and members of the public during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Both Blues have been doing their bit recently to help those in need during these unprecedented times as well as showing their gratitude for those working so hard to keep us safe and healthy.

Rudiger was keen to acknowledge the sacrifices made by staff in hospitals across his native Germany, who put their health at risk to help others, particularly in the intensive care wards treating the most severe cases of the virus.

The defender helped to keep those working long shifts on the front line of the fight against Coronavirus fed and lifted spirits at a number of hospitals in the cities of Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg and several other locations in the eastern part of Germany, which is experiencing a high number of cases.

He arranged for more than 400 pizzas to be delivered to staff in those hospitals, along with a letter including a personal message of thanks for all the selfless work they have been doing to help others.

‘With this action I would like to say thank you, above all to the many hospital employees who put themselves and their health on the back burner to help other people.

‘You can’t thank them often enough. However, you shouldn’t just thank the staff this year, but every year – and not just during a global pandemic.’

It’s not the first time Rudiger has supported those back in his homeland during the current crisis either, as in April he also agreed to cover all the catering costs for nurses at the Berlin Charite hospital, where he was born.

The German isn’t the only Chelsea player doing his bit to help during the pandemic, though, and James has continued his work supporting the Felix Project closer to home in London.

The Felix Project helps feed those in need, primarily children, while reducing waste, by taking surplus food from businesses in the capital and using it to deliver meals free of charge to charities and schools.

Having marked his 21st birthday earlier this month by starting a fundraiser aiming to help the Felix Project deliver more than 600,000 meals, James has been joining volunteers to feed school children and those in need around London during the pandemic.

James said: ‘No one should be worrying where their next meal is coming from, so I’m doing everything I can to help make a positive change. We all need to come together to make a difference!’

Top image courtesy of Nigel Howard