While Chelsea fans can relax, safe in the knowledge we have already bagged the trophy from the first of this week’s two all-Premier League European finals, there is still tonight’s Tottenham v Liverpool match to live through.

Now for some of our supporters, Inside Blue accepts it is easy. You have your own reasons for wanting one of those two teams to win so watching the Champions League final will be straight-forward.In addition, there undoubtedly are others among the Chelsea fanbase who are just happy for English teams to come out on top in European competition, and for those tonight they can’t really lose.However there is another section of the Blues support, Inside Blue suspects, for whom this game is one that cannot be watched. Two of our biggest rivals going head to head with one of them guaranteed to come out on top and be called European champions – yes, for some that is too much to bear!So for those who fall into that category, here is Inside Blue’s handy suggestions for a few alternative activities you could throw yourself into before 8pm this evening…

Watch the 2012 Champions League final all over again. It is there, available in all its glory, every minute, online via this website, and with a guaranteed favourable outcome. Just click here to be transported back to Munich seven years ago. If that does not take up enough of the evening, dig out a recording too of the 2012 FA Cup final from a fortnight earlier, when we beat Liverpool in the most recent final played between the sides. Or this season’s Carabao Cup semi-final win over Spurs.

Looking for something a little more sociable? Rekindle those Munich memories by throwing a German-themed dinner party for you and your Chelsea-supporting mates, recreating the Bavarian experience with copious amounts of high strength lager and sausage.

Other sports could help out here. There is the big Anthony Joshua v Andy Ruiz Jr. boxing match in New York tonight. It does start a fair few hours after the final whistle in Madrid but the build-up is bound to commence long before.

Come on, admit it, you have always had a soft spot for the Afghanistan cricket side. Their Cricket World Cup match against Australia is a day-nighter so an ideal alternative to the Champions League final. Perfect for Australian-based Blues too, although how many of those are looking for an alternative to Tottenham v Liverpool in the early hours of Sunday morning anyway?

Travel up to Manchester to watch the Spice Girls reunion tour, or if you would rather stay at home, those good people at ITV will be wanting to avoid the Champions League final as well now they no longer own the rights to broadcast it. Instead ITV is kindly showing the British Soap Awards. If others in your house are desperate to watch the football, convince them ITV is still the home of Champions League football but the game has been delayed and it will be on after the Soap Awards.

Spend the evening going through your phone book and all social media accounts, deleting every Spurs and Liverpool fan in there as a precaution and consoling yourself that you'll never love them as much as you love Chelsea. Yes, even your dad who grew up during Liverpool's 70s and 80s glory years.

Give an Escape Room a go. Very popular these days and easy to locate. If you have not tried one before and leave it close enough to kick-off, the chances are you still be inside long after the final whistle.

Start re-watching Game of Thrones from the beginning, which will also help you forget the final series that has fans of the show petitioning to have it reshot. If you start watching at 8pm and go for a non-stop binge until the end, it should take you up to Tuesday night by which time the UEFA Nations League will almost be upon us and the Champions League final will seem a distant memory.

If you are in London and want it Chelsea-themed – head to the Fashion and Textile Museum where their exhibition Swinging London looks back at the Chelsea Set of the 1960s. Or there is the choice of two music festivals - Camden Rocks and All Points East. Stand close enough to the speakers and you will have the added bonus of not being able to hear the gloating of the winning team's fans for at least a week.

Visit the Forth Bridge in Scotland. Legend has it that painting this iconic structure is a continuous process, so ideal for those who would rather watch paint dry than events in Madrid.

Or finally, how about spending the evening booking your travel and accommodation to the UEFA Super Cup match in Istanbul on 14 August? Chelsea have qualified for that, and you can grab the bargains while fans of opponents Liverpool or Spurs are very much distracted.