Katie Chapman has spoken in detail about the Chelsea Challenge, the video series helping keep people fit and active while they are at home…

Earlier this season the club created a video series called the Chelsea Challenge, and due to the coronavirus pandemic the series has been now been launched more widely.Former Chelsea Women’s captain and now club ambassador Katie Chapman appears in the videos, which were filmed last year, alongside a different Chelsea Women’s player each day.The daily videos are for both adults and children trying to keep fit and active during this time when people have been asked to follow government guidelines and stay at home to control the virus.Skipper Magda Eriksson was first up on Monday, before Sophie Ingle joined Chapman on Tuesday and Maria Thorisdottir on Wednesday giving supporters the opportunity to engage with the club through different exercises.

Speaking on TalkSport2 on Tuesday evening, Chapman said: ‘They are five-minute videos and contain different exercises you can do to work on different parts of the body.‘We filmed all the videos alongside the players so that there is recognition of Chelsea Women as well as obviously doing a challenge so either adults or children can get on board and enjoy it.‘People can find these videos on most of the Chelsea platforms, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and the 5th Stand app which you can download onto your phone or other device.‘They are being released at 7am in the morning but you can do it at any point – if you want a lie in, you can do it a little bit later.‘I think for me in the morning is great, I get up with my children and the first thing we do is exercise which sets us up for the rest of the day – and it’s a long day when you have children!’

With the Government guidelines stating people should stay home, the Chelsea Women’s squad are working through their own individual programmes from home.Chapman added: ‘I think it’s the unknown of everything. We are not quite sure on the length of time this is going to be going on for.‘It’s the unknown that makes it harder and to be training all of the time but not able to play games is going to be hard mentally – so they’ve really got to try and keep themselves in it.‘For me, the hardest time was retiring – I think this is the first time I’ve not really played that much football since retiring so it’s been hard for me so I can imagine what the players are like.’Chelsea Challenges runs alongside the Chelsea Foundation’s Extra Time programme, which was launched last week. Extra Time is an online learning resource that features a range of education activities focusing on fitness, literacy, maths and creativity. New workbooks are uploaded to this website each day.