At Chelsea FC, we are clear that there can be no place in our game, nor our society, for racism, antisemitism or any form of discrimination.

In sport, as in wider society, we must also create a social media environment where hateful and discriminatory actions are as unacceptable online as they would be on the street.In January 2021, our player Reece James suffered disgusting and unacceptable racist abuse on social media. This was not an isolated incident. Several of our players have been, and continue to be, the targets of hate and discrimination online.We as a club will not tolerate this any longer. We agree wholeheartedly with our players that something needs to change, in football and beyond.That is why, in the aftermath of the abuse suffered by Reece in January, Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich directed the board to further increase the club’s efforts to fight racism and committed to personally directing funds towards this important work.Today we can announce that as a result of this directive from Mr. Abramovich, we are launching the first steps in our new No To Hate campaign. As part of No To Hate, Chelsea FC will be taking action in the following areas:


Social Media




The No To Hate campaign will continue to grow and develop in the coming months and we will be adding to these actions. No To Hate will run in tandem with Chelsea FC’s Equality Action Plan, our Say No To Antisemitism campaign, as well as our work as signatories to the FA’s Football Leadership Diversity Code and our support for the Premier League’s No Room For Racism Action Plan.Chelsea FC Chairman Bruce Buck said: 'There are several strands to our work against all forms of discrimination at Chelsea FC, including our Say No To Antisemitism campaign and all of the work we have put into our Equality Action Plan, but the racist abuse of Reece on social media was a painful reminder that we need to do more. Mr. Abramovich directed me and the board to identify further action we could take to tackle racism in football and society, and today we launch No To Hate, a campaign which we fervently hope will have tangible positive impact for our players, staff, fans and communities.'At Chelsea FC we have said enough is enough and that something needs to change. It’s now time for action. We ask our fans and communities to join us as we say No To Hate.