Today’s Chelsea Women’s fixture versus Manchester United will kick off this season’s Games For Equality, which are a celebration of the work undertaken by Chelsea FC and the Chelsea Foundation to promote equality and diversity across football.

The Games For Equality will see branding across today’s Women Super League fixture, along with Chelsea’s development squad match against Everton on Friday. It will then conclude with Chelsea’s fixture against Everton next Saturday 18 March.

The Games For Equality form part of the No To Hate campaign which is a club-wide equality, diversity and inclusion programme that targets hate and discrimination and aims to educate all stakeholders inside and outside of Chelsea FC and football.

Ahead of the next Games For Equality, Chelsea FC and Chelsea Foundation digital channels will feature a Week For Equality highlighting the club’s efforts across four key focus areas: tackling racism, promoting religious tolerance, empowering women and supporting the LGBTQI+ community.

Simon Taylor, Head of Chelsea Foundation said: ‘Our message is clear, support Chelsea, support equality. We want to not only stop discrimination and be a leading force in the fight against hate, but also to celebrate the diverse cultures and communities across the Chelsea family and change the future of football for the better.’