Chelsea FC Foundation has been working with a number of young people to form and build youth voice consultation groups.

Participants aged 9 to 16 years who are involved in Foundation education programmes were given the opportunity to come together for an in-person session at Stamford Bridge.

The aim of the group is to provide a platform for young people to have their voices heard and provide a chance for them to have input into shaping future projects and programmes.

Within the session the young people explored a range of different topics which included discrimination in sport, the impact of Covid-19 within schools, opportunities of volunteering and how to play a role within the community.

Chelsea Foundation’s Alfie Butwell said: ‘The youth voice platforms allow young people to gain a variety of skills including cohesion, experience, communication and responsibility. Having youth-led provisions provides a real, unique experience where the young people’s interests is a priority across all of our programmes.

One participant added: ‘I have seen how our ideas have been implemented across our sessions, we are like a mini youth council, where we can be the voice of our schools and communities to support and reach goals with the Foundation together.’

For more information on the Foundation’s youth voice programme, or to get involved, email [email protected]