As we continue to review the season just completed, we look here at the goals scored by the Blues over the course of the campaign, and a few conceded too…

In total, Chelsea netted 112 times in 2018/19. From those, these were our top five goalscorers in all competitions:

Of the 112 goals, just over half – 61 in total, were scored with a right foot, 32 were left-footers and 14 headers.

A total of 15 goals were scored from outside the penalty area.

The most common quarter-of-an-hour period for Chelsea to score during the 90 minutes was between 76 to 90 minutes when 23 goals were scored. The least common was in the first 15 minutes of a game when 12 goals were scored.

At the other end of the pitch, the Blues let in 58 goals in all competitions over the course of the season. We were most vulnerable after half-time, with 19 conceded between 46 and 60 minutes.We let in just one goal in first-half added time and one in second-half added time.

The stats

Goals: 112Hazard 21 (5 pens), Giroud 13, Pedro 13, Loftus-Cheek 10, Morata 9, Willian 8 (1 pen), Barkley 5, Higuain 5, Hudson-Odoi 5, Kanté 5, Alonso 4, David Luiz 3, Jorginho 2 (1 pen), Azpilicueta 1, Emerson 1, Fàbregas 1, Rüdiger 1, own goals 5

Goal types: 112Right foot 61Left foot 32Header 14Own-goals 5Inside area 97Outside area 15Open play 65Resulting from a corner 13Resulting from a free-kick 8Penalties 7Direct free kick 4Resulting from a goal-kick 4Resulting from an opposition goal kick 3Resulting from a throw-in 3Resulting from an opposition throw-in 3Resulting from an opposition free-kick 2

First half goal timing: 50 goals0-15 mins 1216-30 mins 2031-45 mins 15First half stoppage time 3

Second half goal timing: 6246-60 mins 1961-75 mins 1576-90 mins 23Second half stoppage time 5

Conceded: 58Right foot 31Left foot 14Header 12Own-goals 1Inside area 47Outside area 11Open play 33Resulting from a free-kick 10Resulting from a corner 8Resulting from a throw 3Penalties 2Resulting from a Chelsea corner 1Resulting from a missed penalty 1Direct free-kick 0

First half goal timing: 260-15 mins 816-30 mins 1031-45 mins 7First half stoppage time 1

Second half goal timing: 3246-60 mins 1961-75 mins 776-90 mins 5Second half stoppage time 1