Right foot, left foot, outside the box, penalties, from corners, early on: Chelsea's goals in 2019/20 came in all shapes and sizes. Here we detail how and when we found the net last season, as well as those occasions we were breached at the other end...

In total, Chelsea scored 102 goals in 2019/20. From those, there were our top goalscorers in all competitions:

Of our 102 goals, 67 were scored with a right foot, 23 were left-footers and 11 were headers. We benefitted from one own goal, Harry Maguire's in the FA Cup semi-final.

We scored 16 goals from outside the box.

Exactly half of our goals scored - 56 - were from open play. Eleven were penalties and two were direct free-kicks.

We scored marginally more goals in the first half of games than the second - 52 to 49.

We scored our goals pretty evenly over the course of 90 minutes, with no 15-minute chunk containing more than 17 goals or fewer than 13. We were particularly prolific in first-half stoppage time, netting on six occasions.

At the other end, we conceded 79 goals in 2019/20. Of those 29 were from open play. We were most vulnerable in the final 15 minutes of games, conceding 21 times.

We let in one goal in stoppage time at the end of each half.

The stats

Goal types: 102

Right foot 67Left foot 23Header 11Own goals 1Inside area 86 Outside area 16Open play 56Resulting from a corner 12Penalties 11Resulting from a free-kick 6Resulting from a throw-in 6Direct free-kick 2Resulting from an opposition goal-kick 2Resulting from an opposition throw-in 2Resulting from an opposition free-kick 2Resulting from a re-start 2Resulting from a goal-kick 1

First half goals scored: 520-15 mins 1516-30 mins 1431-45 mins 17First-half stoppage time 6

Second half goals scored: 4946-60 mins 1761-75 mins 1776-90 mins 13Second half stoppage time 2

Extra-time scored 1

Premier League goals: 69Abraham 15, Pulisic 9, Willian 9 (4 pens), Giroud 8, Mount 7, Alonso 4, Jorginho 4 (3 pens), Kante 3, Azpilicueta 2, Rudiger 2, Barkley 1, Batshuayi 1, Hudson-Odoi 1, Kovacic 1, Pedro 1, Tomori 1

Champions League goals: 12Abraham 3, Azpilicueta 2, Jorginho 2 (2 pens), Batshuayi 1, James 1, Kovacic 1, Pulisic 1, Willian 1

FA Cup goals: 11Barkley 3, Batshuayi 1, Giroud 1, Hudson-Odoi 1, Mount 1, Pulisic 1, Tomori 1, Willian 1, own goal 1

League Cup goals: 8Batshuayi 3, Barkley 1, Hudson-Odoi 1, James 1, Pedro 1 (pen), Zouma 1

Super Cup goals: 2Giroud 1, Jorginho 1 (pen)

Hat-tricks: 2Abraham 1 (Wolves a), Pulisic 1 (Burnley a)

Penalties scored: 11Jorginho 6, Willian 4, Pedro 1

Own goals: 1Maguire (Man Utd FAC n)

Goals conceded: 79

Right foot 45Left foot 15Header 14Own goals 5Inside area 65Outside area 14Open play 29Resulting from a corner 11Resulting from a free-kick 10Resulting from a throw-in 8Penalties 6Resulting from a Chelsea throw 4Direct free-kick 3Resulting from a goal kick 2Resulting from a re-start 2Resulting from a Chelsea free-kick 2Resulting from a Chelsea goal-kick 1Resulting from a Chelsea corner 1

First-half goals conceded: 310-15 mins 616-30 mins 1231-45 mins 12First-half stoppage time 1

Second-half goals conceded: 4746-60 mins 1361-75 mins 1276-90 mins 21Second-half stoppage time 1

Extra-time conceded 1