One of our busiest seasons ever contained plenty of Chelsea goals with a record number of different scorers. Here we detail the data behind each goal in 2021/22, and those conceded…

In total, Chelsea netted 122 times last season. Only twice in our history have we scored more goals in a single season, in 2009/10 (142) and 2012/13 (147).

These were our top five goalscorers in all competitions:

Of the 122 goals, just under half – 59 in total – were scored with a right foot, 38 were left-footers, 21 headers, and one with a right knee. Three were own goals.

A total of 16 goals were scored from outside the area, including the Chelsea Goal of the Season by Mateo Kovacic above.

The most common quarter-of-an-hour period for Chelsea to score during the 90 minutes was in the first 15 minutes after half-time when 28 goals were scored. The least common was straight after that, between the 61st and 75th minute, when 14 goals were scored.

At the other end of the pitch, the Blues let in 51 goals in all competitions over the course of the season. We were most vulnerable in the 15 minutes after half-time, conceding 11 times.

The stats

Goals: 122Lukaku 15 (1 pen), Havertz 14 (1 pen), Mount 13 (1 pen), Werner 11, Jorginho 9 (9 pens), Pulisic 8, Ziyech 8 (1 pen), James 6, Alonso 5, Rudiger 5, Chalobah 4, Azpilicueta 3, Chilwell 3, Hudson-Odoi 3, Thiago Silva 3, Christensen 2, Kante 2, Kovacic 2, Barkley 1, Loftus-Cheek 1, Saul 1, own goals 3

Goal types: 122

Right foot 59Left foot 38Header 21Right knee 1Own goals 3

Inside six-yard box 266-12 yards (incl pens) 6612-18 yards 14Outside area 16

Open play 74Resulting from a corner 16Penalties 13Resulting from a throw-in 7Resulting from a free-kick 6Resulting from an opposition throw-in 3Direct free-kick 1Resulting from a goal-kick 1Resulting from an opposition free-kick 1

First half scored: 560-15 mins 1716-30 mins 1831-45 mins 19Stoppage time 2

Second half scored: 6446-60 mins 2861-75 mins 1476-90 mins 15Stoppage time 7

Extra-time scored 2

Goals ruled out by VARWerner Southampton (PL h) foul by Azpilicueta in the build-upZiyech Crystal Palace (a) offside by LukakuAlonso Real Madrid (CL a) handball by Alonso in the build-upLoftus-Cheek Wolves (h) offside by Loftus-Cheek

Penalties awarded by VAR Handball by Normann Norwich (h)Foul by Raphinha Leeds (h)Handball by Luan Palmeiras (n)Foul by Saiss Wolves (h)

Goals conceded: 51

Right foot 24Left foot 15Header 11Own goals 1

Inside six-yard box 86-12 yards (incl pens) 2812-18 yards 8Outside area 7Open play 22Penalties 8Resulting from a free-kick 5Resulting from a throw-in 5Resulting from a corner 3Resulting from a Chelsea throw-in 3Resulting from a Chelsea free-kick 2Resulting from a restart 1Resulting from a goal-kick 1Resulting from a Chelsea corner 1

First half conceded: 180-15 mins 516-30 mins 631-45 mins 6Stoppage time 1

Second half conceded: 3246-60 mins 1161-75 mins 976-90 mins 8Stoppage time 4

Extra-time conceded: 1

Opposition goals ruled out by VARPodence Wolves (a) offsideKane Tottenham (LC a) offsideMatip Liverpool (LC n) offside

Opposition penalty ruled out by VARFoul by Rudiger Tottenham (LC a) overturned as outside the boxFoul by Arrizabalaga Tottenham (LC a) overturned as no foul committedOpposition penalty awarded by VARHandball by James Liverpool (a)Handball by Thiago Silva Palmeiras (n)Handball by Chalobah Norwich (a)Handball by Jorginho Lille (a)