As the Chelsea players and coaches trudge off the training pitch after a hard day’s work while we tuck into our festive food, what better time to find out how Frank Lampard, plus some other Chelsea people, spend Christmas back home, what they do now in London, and what family tradition one of them is trying to start...

Frank Lampard

'We are very traditional about how we approach Christmas Day in my family. I work in the morning now, we train first thing, so I’ll leave the family house for that. But for us it’s all about the presents for the youngsters and the talk of Santa, eating Christmas dinner together as a big family. We pretty much do that every year.'

Cesar Azpilicueta

'In Spain we have a big dinner on the evening of 24 December with all the family, which is when we receive our presents as well. The food we eat is not what you would class as traditional Christmas food, we don't really eat turkey, like people do in England. We usually have fish, which is very popular where I come from in Spain. It's just a nice time to spend with all your friends and family.'

Petr Cech

'In the Czech Republic, for us the main day is Christmas Eve, where we have a traditional lunch and Christmas dinner with close family, and at around midnight you open the gifts. We don't have Santa Claus, we have a baby Jesus character, who appears like magic to deliver the presents, but nobody sees him. We have the tree, but you don't decorate it until Christmas Eve, in the morning.'On Christmas Day we have a lunch with the wider family. We eat special Christmas cookies, and for the lunch you have lentils, sometimes with a bit of egg to make it more tasty, and for dinner you have a Christmas soup followed by a special potato salad. Traditionally that goes with carp in the Czech Republic, but that has a lot of bones so you can have another fish, and you make it in breadcrumbs, pan-fried. We will probably have salmon instead, and do a veal or pork escallop like a schnitzel.'

Marcos Alonso

'I’ve been in England long enough now that Christmas here feels like home. Even the cold weather is fine, as it gets very cold in Madrid at this time too, and compared to my three winters in Bolton, trust me, London is like summer! When I was in Italy I had maybe 10 days of holiday for Christmas, which was nice, but it’s also very nice to play. Over Christmas here the stadiums are beautiful, full of kids and families. All my family usually come here to stay with me if they can too, which makes it a great Christmas.'

Tore Andre Flo

'I always tell myself my New Year’s resolution is going be to start the year healthy and not eat too much bad food, that way I don’t feel so guilty about eating a bit more than usual at Christmas! Since I retired from playing and came back to Chelsea, I also try to come to Stamford Bridge on Boxing Day if we are at home. I always had a good relationship with the supporters so it is nice to see them. I have brought my family a few times, all seven of us. My wife and I have five children, so it’s a big family. It’s very nice for us all to come together for the game at this time of year, I’m trying to make it a family tradition.'