David Luiz is the latest member of the squad to provide some behind-the-scenes snippets on life at Chelsea during the season, including which team-mate is a funny guy and what he would do if playing up front...

The midfielder also answers a question from Ross Barkley, who was the previous player to complete this Q&A…

Who was the best player in training towards the end of the season?

Robert Green. Because to see the passion he had for training after a long career knowing already he was going to retire and did not play one game in the season, but having the same passion, was for me someone to admire.

Of the outfield players, who fancies himself in goal?

Some days it is Olivier Giroud and Mateo Kovacic. Both like to be goalkeeper. Are they good? No!

Of the defenders, who would make the best striker?

Me. So I could kick the other defenders!

Who do you sit with on away trips? What do you do to pass the time?

I sit with Willian and we play some games on the iPad, and we speak a lot.

Who is good at lifting morale after a bad result?

This is part of our job and everyone when we are playing at this kind of level has to change their mood straight away because football always gives you new opportunities.

Who is the biggest joker in the dressing room?

Toni Rudiger. He is a crazy boy. Toni is funny, Toni is happy and is someone who likes to joke a lot.

Who is the quietest?

N’Golo, but he also has his own sense of humour and his things to say but just when he is with people more intimately.

Who is the loudest?

The loudest is Higuain!

Who is most active on social media?

Now I think it is Willian, the other day he was putting some stuff there about style and we were joking with him.

And who should the fans follow on social media?

They should follow Chelsea! And they should follow Christian Pulisic, to give him a nice welcome.

Who did you eat lunch with at Cobham last season?


Who took the longest to learn English?


And the question from Ross Barkley – where is your favourite holiday destination?

Mine is Brazil, to be with my family and friends.