The Chelsea Foundation’s Disability team hosted their first online drop-in clinic this week to support parents looking to keep children active and engaged during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

With the country currently on lockdown due to the pandemic, the Foundation’s regular coaching sessions for pan-disability footballers are currently on hold.

The clinics therefore aim to work with parents on a 12-week personal development programme for pan-disability footballers to do at home.

The initial 35-minute session was hosted by three of the Disability team and saw them support six parents to create daily schedules and ideas about how to incorporate football into school work and other activities, including challenging players and parents to create and do football quizzes.

‘The parents were from within our under-8 and under-12s pan-disability weekly football sessions, and they and their children will now trial some of our home activities that we will share with them,’ said disability officer Ellie Crabb.

‘Once we have created and shared a programme of activities, they will feedback to us ahead of us building a 12-week personal development programme for children and adults to participate in, based on their individual needs and abilities.

‘The first drop-in clinic proved a successful way to continue to support parents and their children and is something we would like to continue to offer.’

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