The experienced members of the Chelsea squad, those who have seen and done it all before, have been speaking to Graham Potter this week about what is required to get the Blues back on track.

Potter revealed he turned to four players – club captain Cesar Azpilicueta and vice-captain Jorginho, as well as Thiago Silva and Mateo Kovacic – to discuss our current form.

As much as the head coach can work to turn things around during training and with pre-match tactical advice, it is also up to the players to deliver when they step over the white line, even if Potter knows it is rarely as simple as that.

‘I spoke at length on Tuesday with Thiago, with Azpi, with Jorgi, with Kova, a really good conversation,’ he revealed.

‘They showed their qualities as people again. They’re honest. They articulate their concerns well, they articulate their positivity, they articulate their responsibility. That’s why I think we are in a place where we can move forward.

‘It is an experienced team,’ he added.

‘The players are honest, they want to take their responsibilities. They want to improve, they want to win. There’s a lot there we are fortunate with.

‘At the same time, we are in a tough moment and these are challenges that affect the players as well. They are human beings. I know they’re paid to do their job but they’re not robots. They’re still affected by results and the transition phase at the club, but I’ve been really impressed.’