Chelsea Foundation’s Edge of the Box Club was launched in 2015 and over the past six years, an impressive 7,000 start-ups have come through the programme.

The Edge of the Box Club supports people in our wider community start and build their own businesses, as well as creating important networking opportunities.

For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic, the Edge of the Box Club hosted a live event at Stamford Bridge which kicked off with a welcome message from Chelsea FC Women boss Emma Hayes and an exclusive session and Q&A with Guy Laurence, chief executive of Chelsea Football Club.

The Google Digital Garage team were also on hand to deliver a workshop on ‘How to build your online brand’ with their mentors also conducting one-to-one sessions throughout the event with the entrepreneurs.

Carl Southwell, enterprise and employability manager at the Foundation, said: ‘Over the last six years we have built a large community of start-ups that we have supported both at the stadium and online during the coronavirus pandemic.

‘It’s a very unique programme in sports foundation, which we are really proud of. I would like to thank everyone that has supported the club over the years and helped us grow.’

First-time visitor Ashley Peterson said: ‘I am so grateful for the opportunity, it is absolutely outstanding. It’s given me so much confidence to expand my business and perhaps pivot it.’

The Ben Salmi Family attended the event with glistening reports of the Foundation’s work.

Twelve-year-old Paolo, of the Ben Salmi Family, said: ‘It’s just been a real awesome experience. It’s a real eye-opener to the different industries in the world because it really helps me understand what I want to do later in life.’

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