Stamford Bridge has hosted the Edge of the Box Club, with the latest in this series of innovation and entrepreneurship events showcasing digital advertising and business modelling.

Ashton John, a guest speaker from Google Digital Garage, lectured a room of more than 125 local business professionals and entrepreneurs about his personal experiences in the field.

Later, a talk was given by a start-up panel that consisted of attendees of past Edge of the Box Club events, who have since gone on to create their own businesses. The audience was then welcomed to pitch their own business models.

He said: ‘The Chelsea community provides a sense of belonging that people need on that lonely journey as they try to find work or start a business. When a brand like this believes in you, it makes a real difference.

‘Our programmes have gained such a positive reputation that if you go to a job centre in London and are attempting to start a business, the first point of referral is often the Edge of the Box Club!

‘For us at the Foundation it is about equipping everyone, giving everyone the opportunity to learn the skills at the start, because we know it will be beneficial for their futures.’

More than just providing an insight into business skill sets, for many the Edge of the Box Club provides a crucial networking opportunity as well.

Vessie, an entrepreneur, has attended several of these events in the past and has no plans to stop coming. She explained: ‘They give you a chance to meet with other start-ups who have similar aims and create genuine business connections.

‘The programme has been really helpful in terms of bringing back my focus to my goals.’

By Ben Case