Chelsea Women's head coach Emma Hayes was a special guest on The 5th Stand app this afternoon, as she popped by to speak directly to Blues fans from around the world.

The boss took time out of her busy schedule to visit the Fan Chat on the official Chelsea app, agreeing to take part in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ chat with supportersahead of tonight's fixture at Kingsmeadow.

There were plenty of interesting topics to digest and for any of you that missed the chat earlier on, we’ve picked out the best bits for you to catch up on here!

Robert I - You did so well last season. What was your standout memory?

Bayern Munich at home, such a great game. I was so gutted the fans could not be there to see it because it was such an incredible feeling to make that step to the final.

Georgia A - What advice would you give to a young girl wanting to play professionally in the future?

Find a club you love being with, make friends, have a great time, enjoy football. Also have diverse interests to be all-rounded . And most of all, make sure you are happy!

Sharon T - How amazing was it to receive an MBE? Also were you excited to be nominated for UEFA coach of the year?

It was amazing! I will never forget the feeling of driving to Windsor Castle with my Mum. It was an unbelievable feeling to meet the Queen. The UEFA coach of the year was also great, but I prefer team awards.

Bob M - We haven’t seen too much of Lauren James in training, how is she getting on since signing?

I’m so happy to have Lauren here at the club. She came in, she had a number of issues that we all decided we were going to take care of in the time that we’ve had her, in this pre-season. So currently she’s not on the pitch, but she is working with all of our experts off the pitch so that we can get her into the best possible position to compete with the team as soon as she possibly can. But, for now, we want to make sure that we’ve got Lauren for the long-term and it’s the right thing to do.

Regina M - After Gothenburg heartbreak, how will signing James & Aniek Nouwen improve the strength of the team? And do you have any further signings to come?

They are both great prospects, and we wanted to lower the average age of the squad. I think we have some superb talent in this group. There will be no more signings. We are super-excited with the squad we have here.

Jose P - What’s the best advice you received before becoming a manager?

Don’t get too high with the highs, and don’t get too low with the lows. It’s important to keep perspective no matter the scoreline.

Adioha C - What’s your personal preparation before a match, do you have any pre-match rituals?

I always work out in the morning and I always make a smoothie of some sort. Then I just like to have some family time and take my son to the park. I'll then get to the game early so I don’t feel rushed.

Joon L - How far do you think women’s football can grow in the next five years?

The broadcasting opportunities on Sky and BBC will help create more exposure. I think the next five years will create more opportunities for people working in the women’s game, for sure.

Jonathan S - Do you look up to any managers tactically past or present?

I love Thomas Tuchel and his work and what he does. Antnio Conte and his time here was great as well. Arsene Wenger for his development of young players and I'd say Mauricio Pochettino for his man-management.

Sean M - How much did Iona College in New York help in your development as a coach?

Hands down, that spell in America was my favourite coaching experience of my career - apart from Chelsea, of course. They were a great bunch of girls to work with and I gained some great memories from that time.

Phoebe P - What has been your favourite season as Chelsea manager, and why?

A really hard question. We have so much success, to pick one out is almost impossible. I’ve enjoyed every one with fans the most, and I can’t wait to have them back.

Steve R - How are the team looking ahead of the new WSL season?

I’ve loved pre-seaso and the preparation and team spirit has been brilliant. All players have come together really well. We all had a great welcome party for the women who played at the Olympics. I’ve enjoyed this pre-season the most because I know the fans are coming back.