Enzo Fernandez is a confident character. First, you can see it in the way he demands the ball on the pitch and how he pings it from left to right. But chisel away a little deeper and it’s also evident in the way he speaks, and him outlining Chelsea’s main objective for the forthcoming season is to be domestic champions is no anomaly to that.

The Argentine arrived at Stamford Bridge in January, and has started every single competitive fixture since. After an excellent pre-season campaign across the Atlantic this July, Enzo spoke of the team’s targets for the upcoming season.

‘The main aim this year is to win the Premier League,’ Enzo confidently said recently, while Stateside.

‘Now we have a new head coach, you have to say the expectations of us have changed. Obviously, when I arrived, everything was difficult, there were lots of changes going on and everything happened so fast for me.

‘We want to be an aggressive team team that attacks and defends well, that goes into every game to win it, no matter the opponent. We want to dominate every game we’re in.’

Enzo, who now has his compatriot Mauricio Pochettino as his head coach, also explained why the South American connection has been so important and beneficial for him in pre-season.

‘Having an Argentine coach is much easier for me. Chatting to him, it's very important. It's another way to connect because I still don't speak English perfectly, so speaking to him in Spanish is much easier. It helps my confidence and it’s a better relationship. It also has a big impact on my confidence,’ Enzo explained.

‘I have to say, and it's very important for me that Pochettino has come in, for me and my team-mates, he's going to be very important for us.’