After scoring an incredible goal and lifting silverware again, Chelsea FC Women midfielder Erin Cuthbert reflected on completing the Double, netting at Wembley and the ensuing celebrations with team-mates…

Cuthbert had to dig deep and put in the graft throughout our FA Cup final triumph over Manchester City, which came in the shape of a 3-2 extra-time win, but she was compensated afterwards with not only another medal to add to her collection but also the Player of the Match award for her efforts.

The Blues brought the FA Cup trophy back to Kingsmeadow for the fourth time in our history with the thrilling win on Sunday, with two goals from Sam Kerr either side of Cuthbert’s brilliant strike from the edge of the box arrowed into the top corner.

Speaking just after the win, Cuthbert shared her emotions on the rollercoaster 120 minutes at Wembley.

‘I’ve not let it sink in - I’ve been too busy singing in the changing room,’ she claimed. ‘My calves are about to fall off but what a win it was!

‘It’s just amazing to end the season on such a high like we have. I feel on top of the world at the moment.’

Looking back at her momentous strike in the 63rd minute that gave the team the lead once more, our number 22 added: ‘I couldn’t really believe it when it went in but I’ve been working on that a lot.

‘I didn’t get high enough in the first half. I didn’t get around the second balls and didn’t get around the box. A couple of them dropped in the first half and I wasn’t there so the forwards gave me a hard time at half-time. After that I made sure I got my self up and Beth [England] set it beautifully for me.

‘You know when you’re on the edge of the box and you’re a midfielder, I just wanted to add goals to my game. Just touch, strike and like I say, if you don’t buy a ticket, you don’t win the raffle’

The Scottish international went on to explain what went through her mind at the moment of receiving the ball from England.

‘Just hit it,’ she stated simply. ‘Honestly, as soon as the ball comes out, there was just nothing else on my mind other than just hit it. I didn’t expect to hit it the way I did but I just wanted to get on the end of it and have a shot because I didn’t really have a sniff at goal the whole game otherwise.

‘These chances are few and far between when you play a top side like Manchester City. It was neck and neck the whole way so you’ve got to take your chances when they come.’

The celebrations continued off the field into the changing room and there’s no surprises that the country classic ‘Country Roads’ was the anthem of choice for the Blues, with Cuthbert shedding light on why the song has become synonymous with their celebrations.

‘I don’t know why but it’s been our running theme for a few years now,’ she said. ‘The fans maybe haven’t had some good access for a few years but these Instagram lives are coming up trumps these days!

‘It’s just a song we all resonate with and it’s our little Chelsea song, if you like.’

Emma Hayes has heaped praise on the Scot in recent weeks by insisting that she is the future of the Chelsea midfield but Cuthbert was quick to add that it hasn’t happened overnight for her and therefore she knows it’s something she’ll have to continue to work on.

‘I feel like I’ve had to wait a wee while to get to where I finally am now but patience is a virtue so I want to learn and I know that I’ve got so much more to learn in the position,’ she added.

‘I’ve almost just thrown myself in for the last few months of the season but I actually want to take the time in pre-season to finetune details and know when I can and can’t go.

‘I’m an aggressive player but sometimes that’s to my detriment because I leave a lot of space behind me. I always want to go but I’ve got a lot to learn and I’m glad that I’ve finally been able to practice my trade.’