There is no time off for Conor Gallagher at the moment as he is away with the England national team. However there are occasions when he has days away from football and we have quizzed him on some of the activities he enjoys during his leisure time.

Appropriately ahead of Non-League Day 2023, which is being marked this international break weekend and highlights the game at the lower levels of the football pyramid, Conor enjoys watching some of his local non-league clubs, and with good reason too.

Playing other sports with his girlfriend Aine May and a trip to the snow feature as well, as Conor takes up the story…

The football family

Whenever I get the chance to watch my brothers play football, I do. I went the other day. One of them, Josh, is a player-manager but he just manages now at Raynes Park Vale. And his twin brother Jake is playing in the team so it's always nice to go and watch them play.

My other brother Daniel is a player at Dorking Wanderers in the National League but it is tougher to watch him play because he normally plays when I'm playing.

The two oldest are the twins who are 30, Daniel is 25, so I am the youngest at 23. It always nice to watch them. It is a good level as well. We always talk football and we've always shown we've had the same interests.

Jake copes fine with having his twin brother as his manager. To be fair they are literally like the same person. They’ve got exactly the same personality, they think the same thing almost every second of the day so whatever decision one of them is going to make, it's normally what the other is thinking anyway. They're like best mates.

They’re all midfielders. Dan sometimes plays centre-back as well. And they are good players. I’ve got a cousin who plays in that team as well.

Staying active

I think everyone would be lying if they say they didn't enjoy their days off when they get to chill out and do what they want. My girlfriend drags me off the PlayStation quite a lot of times which is a good thing. She’s a very active person and we will go out if I have a day off to get some breakfast, and take our dog for a walk twice a day.

He’s called Freddy and he’s brilliant. When we first got him over a year ago I wasn't sure about it because I didn't think me and my misses were really ready to look after a dog. But we definitely were and we love him more than anything.

I’m also very close to my parents. I go over to their house a lot and spend time with them and go out for lunch together as a family. I'm very fortunate to have amazing family and friends around me.

It was my girlfriend's birthday a few of weeks ago and she had a lot of friends and family come over from Ireland, as well as friends who live in London. We had a night out together for her birthday and one of her friends brought over two hurling sticks.

I had never played hurling before but it is very big in Ireland. We played in the garden and I said how do you play this, your shins must get battered! The sticks are massive. I made sure I definitely didn’t go anywhere near anyone who had one of those sticks. I just flicked it up and hit the ball.

I'm into every sport pretty much. Me and my girlfriend have a lot of games in the house and we’ve got a badminton net in the garden and we enjoy that when the weather is okay. She's very competitive, as am I.

Winter wonderland

When it comes to travelling, I had a week off after the World Cup and went to Switzerland to a ski resort. I didn’t go skiing because we are not allowed but I went to go somewhere snowy close to Christmas.

We'd just been in Qatar which was obviously very warm weather and I didn't really feel Christmassy so me and my girlfriend thought we’d go somewhere where it's snowing and Christmassy because we love that time of year. That was an amazing trip and we had a lovely time.

When I’ve finished my playing career, I’d definitely have a go at skiing for sure. I wouldn’t have a go at it now because obviously it is very dangerous but I definitely would in the future.