It’s the weekend and Frank Lampard’s Blues are off on international duty. Should you find yourself at a loose end with no football to enjoy, then you could do far worse with your time than sit down and plough your way through Fikayo Tomori’s Netflix recommendations.

Here’s what our superb Academy graduate recommends right now…

Prison Break (series)

‘I like the whole idea of it, the thought that took place behind it.’

Set your alarms for 5.30pm on 23 November as Fik’s first recommendation is filled with so many cliffhangers you’ll lose all sense of time as the gripping storylines pin your eyes to the screen - and you won’t want to miss our game at the Etihad next weekend. Wentworth Miller stars as Michael Schofield, an engineer who cleverly installs himself in the prison which is keeping his falsely accused brother on death row. As the title suggests, he tries to get him out.

Power (series)

‘Again, I love the idea of it, the story and the twists and turns.’

Our young defender joins his centre-back partner Kurt Zouma in bestowing high praise upon this crime drama in which a popular and successful nightclub boss moonlights as a drug dealer to New York City A-listers. You’ve got six seasons ready and waiting to devour. Bon appetite!

How To Get Away With Murder (series)

‘It’s just really cool. I really like it!’

If Fik says it’s cool, then we’re sold. In this suspense-driven legal thriller, a group of ambitious young law students and their criminal defence professor become entangled in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives.

Need more ideas for what to watch? Take your pick from Ashley Cole, Tammy Abraham and Kurt Zouma!