German international Melanie Leupolz is set to join Chelsea Women from Bayern Munich in the summer on a three-year deal and she spoke the official Chelsea website about her forthcoming move to the capital.

The 25-year-old tells us what attracted her to the Blues, her playing style and what she hopes to bring to the team…

Firstly a warm welcome, what does it mean to be here at Chelsea?

‘I’m so excited, it’s such a big club. I’m really looking forward to joining Chelsea in the summer.’

Do you know any of the current Chelsea players?

‘Not personally but from the television and national teams I know many of the girls. I also like the combination of different players in the team.’

How popular is the Women’s Super League in Germany at the moment?

‘Since The FA Player App we can watch every game and it’s amazing. A lot of people are talking about the women’s English soccer league and it’s cool.’

For Chelsea fans excited to see you in action, how would you describe yourself as a player?

‘I think I have a good eye for the spaces for my team-mates and I’m always a fighter in the game. I like to play nice balls into the strikers and I think I’m a team player. I think the audience has to make their own view!’

You are the captain of Bayern – tell us about those important leadership qualities you possess…

‘When you get older you grow in this position and I’m really happy that my team-mates wanted to have me as a captain, as well as the coach.

‘I have been doing it for two years now and it’s an honour for me to be that, but it’s just like a position like every other player too. You wear an armband but you have to take the responsibility if you are a captain or not.’

You are still young, do you think we are yet to see the best of you?

‘I don’t know, I hope I can develop more and I hope I can be a better player with Chelsea. I hope to move my performances forward and learn a lot from the girls.’

You have already won so much domestically, how important is that winning mentality?

‘I think it’s really important, that’s the reason why we play soccer.’You have always had that competitive mentality…

‘Yes I think you need that to get better, to play internationally and at clubs like this and I really hate losing!’

Growing up in the game, who were the people you looked up to?

‘Sure I watch soccer but I have no idol or one special player. But you just look at players in your position and I always wanted to learn something but I have no special player.’

How exciting a time is it for the women’s game across Europe?

‘It’s really interesting, women’s soccer is growing so fast, especially in England. All the media, all the marketing and women’s soccer by itself is growing and getting better.‘

What do you want to achieve during your time at Chelsea?

‘I just want to get better, improve my skills and I want to help the team with all I can do and win titles!’

Welcome to Chelsea, Melanie!