Chelsea Foundation have this week launched a ‘Check-in with Chelsea’ programme designed to remind children of the importance of checking in, staying focused, and keeping active.

With the country in lockdown due to recent Covid-19 developments, most school children and their families have had to adapt again to learning remotely.In response to this, the Foundation’s Education team have created a new ‘Check-in with Chelsea’ programme and have started delivering in schools this week.The programme has been created to provide a check-in point for pupils, enabling them to join via our own virtual classrooms, with challenges themed around English, Maths, PSHE, STEM and Physical Activity and will be linked to a Chelsea FC men or women’s player along with a manager's challenge!Head of education Sam Gaskin-Kemp said: ‘We are delighted to have launched our new ‘Check-In with Chelsea’ programme which allows us to continue to support children and families during the current lockdown period in school or at home.‘It is really important for us to be able to provide support where we can and continue to work with our communities through this fun and engaging programme.'First up on the ‘Check-in with Chelsea’ programme this week was ‘Eriksson’s English Challenge’ with the task based around Chelsea Women’s captain Magda Eriksson.Pupils were tasked with completing a match report and Blues defender Eriksson was on hand to deliver a personal message to those who had completed the challenge.

The programme will also provide pupils with small, daily physical activity diaries, ensuring the importance of staying active each day. Challenges for all of the family to complete at weekends will also be provided, aiming to engage the whole family in fun activities to complete together.As well as delivering education sessions, the club will be providing free accommodation at Stamford Bridge to the National Health Service (NHS).A similar initiative was rolled out last March in response to the first coronavirus outbreak in London and you can read how club owner Roman Abramovich will again be covering the costs here.