The first student cohort from the Chelsea FC Foundation Football Coaching and Development Degree programme (BSc) with St Marys University have recently received their final results.

The programme, which involves students undergoing work placements across the Foundation’s Community department, has now been in operation for four years, and has resulted in several students gaining employment within Chelsea FC Foundation and elsewhere in the industry.Previously the programme was designed as a two-year Foundation Degree, however the 2019-20 academic year saw the start of the third year top-up, meaning students for the first time have graduated with a full BSc degree, more than 60 per cent of which have achieved Good Honours, awarded by St. Mary's University.All graduating students have continued to receive support from Chelsea FC Foundation since completing their final assignments, with bespoke calls discussing their next steps into employment, upon graduation. This has led to follow-up calls with other staff from across the Foundation and Academy lending their advice.Chelsea Foundation project officer for the St. Mary's University Programme Adrian Salisbury said: ‘It’s great to see the students awarded with their much-deserved classifications after such a demanding year. They have been a credit to St. Mary's University and the Foundation.‘This cohort have been particularly great to work with throughout the year on their work placements, and through that process I have got to know them personally and am really looking forward to seeing them progress into industry careers with our continued support.‘Their journeys are not finished; they are very much just getting started. The same can be said around the support we will offer these graduating students from a Foundation perspective, and I look forward to supporting their journey into employment.’Programme director for the suite of football coaching programmes at St Mary's University Tom Hounsell added: ‘We are extremely proud of these students, and all they have achieved over their 3 years with us. The programmes vision is to provide education and vocational opportunities to develop the best future football industry professionals.‘These students have invested hugely into their own professional development through the unique opportunities available through our collaboration with the Chelsea FC Foundation.‘It’s a huge privilege to watch these individuals develop both their intellect and their character, and we look forward to watching them develop these skills in industry further as confident custodians of the institution.’The programme itself is still open for applications for the upcoming year, at both the Foundation Degree, and BSc Top-Up levels, and information on how to apply can be found here:Foundation Degree - year -