Chelsea Foundation are supporting Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership with the distribution of oxygen saturation monitors to care homes and residential homes across North West Surrey.

Monitors are being provided by the Government as part of their strategy to support care and residential homes during the pandemic.

The monitors are vital in supporting people in their residential setting by providing readings to staff which help spot signs of any deterioration in oxygen levels as early as possible and get people help if needed.

The Foundation is providing support by delivering up to 900 monitors on behalf of the local NHS to more than 400 care homes across the county.

Chelsea Foundation disability inclusion officer Andy Rose said: ‘We first heard about this project a few weeks ago and after hearing how vital this equipment is to help support those affected. It was a really easy and quick decision for us to help support it.

‘Our staff have been fantastic in the way that they have pulled together so quickly to help get these meters to those that need them.

‘Within the first three days we were able to deliver over 200 units to around 80 care homes across the area which is a great achievement and one we can be very proud of.

‘Seeing all the different areas of the Foundation working together to support its local community is fantastic to see and a real joy to be part of.’

Sara McMullen, head of Urgent and Integrated Care for North West Surrey ICP said: ‘The Chelsea Foundation has been supporting us to get vital equipment to the care homes quickly and efficiently.

‘This equipment supports doctors to monitor the residents virtually and can help to identify early deterioration in their condition.

‘We are extremely grateful to the Foundation for their support and it has been a pleasure to work with this organisation who have demonstrated the value they place on being part of the community response to Covid.’

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As we continue to help those most in need, the Foundation has now called on fans to help support our wider communities and increase the number of people helped.

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