In the latest Ask Frank video, our head coach gives responses to questions posed by Chelsea fans in an exclusive question and answer session, with the subjects ranging from today’s Premier League game at home to Newcastle to the much-further-afield location of Jamaica.

Blues fans are asked regularly via our The 5th Stand app to supply their queries to be put to Lampard. They are posted via the Comments section on The 5th Stand and he takes time after his pre-match media conference is finished to answer a selection of them with our cameras filming the replies.Questions asked this week cover what the boss did during time off in the international break, how best to prepare to play today’s opposition given Newcastle’s unpredictable form so far this season, and what Lampard’s own favourite moments are from facing the Geordie side. His answers cover matches both home and away.He is asked for some recommendations for drills to improve stamina and whether he sometimes still wishes he could run onto the pitch during a game to score. And then has he ever visited the Caribbean.

When given the question how best to handle fear by a fan about to take some exams, Lampard responds: ‘It is something I think we all encounter, whether it is nerves or thinking too much about the downside of a bad performance or a bad result, and I don’t think you should hide from it.‘Some of it can be quite healthy, it absolutely tunes you in to what you have to do to win the game. But you don’t want too much of it. I try to concentrate on positives, on what we can do and what good things we can bring to the game because you can always lose through whatever reason but if you feel like you give your all and put everything into it, I think you can be comfortable at the end of it.’Visit The 5th Stand app now to watch the full videoThere will be a chance to submit questions for the next Ask Frank session soon. Keep an eye on The 5th Stand.