In the latest Ask Frank video, our head coach gives responses to questions posed by Chelsea fans in an exclusive question and answer session, with the subjects ranging from today’s Champions League game in France, to the boss discussing winning that tournament overall.

Blues fans are asked regularly via our The 5th Stand app to supply their queries to be put to Lampard. They are posted via the Comments section on The 5th Stand and he takes time ahead of each game that his team plays to answer a selection of them with our cameras filming the replies.The video of the answers can be watched above, with questions asked this week about the importance Lampard places on this evening's game as it follows on from defeat in the our first group-stage match at home to Valencia, and about whether Lille have something to prove having also lost their opening Champions League match. He is also asked if winning this trophy as a manager could match having done so as a player.

'It is hard to imagine anything feeling much better than Munich did in 2012 as a player,' Lampard responds, 'because anybody at Chelsea involved or who has the feelings we all have for Chelsea had, I am guessing, pretty much the best day of their life.

'It certainly was for me, but the way I am feeling now and the determination I have in my management role here and how I feel about the club possibly means it would top it because the responsibilities as a manager are so much bigger, and if I could anywhere near bring that to this club then it would be something that could possibly top everything for me.'You can watch the video above to hear more of the boss's answers.

There will be a chance to submit questions for the next Ask Frank session soon. Keep an eye on The 5th Stand. Details on downloading the app are here