Frank Lampard sat down for a video call this week with NHS heart surgeon and Chelsea supporter Dr Panos Theodoropoulos.

In a deeply engaging must-watch conversation which can be viewed above, the doctor described life on the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic and explained his role working in the Intensive Care Unit at Hammersmith Hospital, just a few miles away from Stamford Bridge.

‘What I'm going to take from this whole experience is the collective effort,’ he told Lampard. ‘Everyone is giving all they can, according to their expertise and speciality. It’s incredible what everyone is doing.’

The pair went on to discuss their mutual love of Chelsea and our head coach gave Dr Panos an update on how the squad are training, revealing what it is like to coach a group of players during such a surreal and challenging time.

‘It was really important at first for me and my staff to make sure everyone is mentally okay,’ said the boss.

‘It's about togetherness. Even when you're apart it's about making sure everyone is there. We try and keep in contact with the players all the time.’

Lampard described his philosophy as a player and a coach. ‘My whole mantra with the players, and I was the same myself when I was a player, is you have to work as you wish to play on the weekend,’ he explained.

Dr Panos could see similarities to his day job in the operating theatre.

'Surgery is a craft, you do it with your hands and it has to be a constant, everyday thing and focus. It's the same.’

Lampard finished with a tribute to all NHS workers and those working on the frontline of this crisis.

'I want to say on a personal level and I want to say it from Chelsea, as a Chelsea family but even more than that, from the whole public - a huge thank you. You have been proven to be absolute heroes.’

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