Frank Lampard has welcomed the admission by the Premier League match officials that there have been some teething problems with the Video Assistant Referee [VAR] system which is making its debut in the competition this season.

During his Friday afternoon press conference at Cobham, the Chelsea boss was asked for his thoughts on words this week from the general manager of the top-flight referees’ organisation, Mike Riley, who listed four major incidents so far when VAR was not deployed correctly.‘Of the four rounds of matches, there have been some really good examples where we have intervened,’ Riley said.‘Six times where VAR has advised the referee and we have got a better result. There are four incidents where VAR didn't intervene. They were about the judgement of VAR and the processes we adopt.’The clubs adversely affected by the decisions Riley highlighted are Watford, Bournemouth, Manchester City and West Ham.‘I won’t agree with there only being four incidents because there have been five,’ Lampard responded.‘Because we had one at Norwich which was a penalty on [Cesar] Azpilicueta which didn’t get reviewed. That is from my point of view and all managers will probably have their own ones they think, but that was a clear penalty.

‘Maybe we should have all expected a bit of an in-between moment or process where we are coming to terms with it. I don’t think any of the intentions are bad, they are definitely not from when I have seen VAR up close and how it works behind the scenes.‘They [the referees] are trying to get everything right and what I will appreciate is the admission that there may be a few things that have not been quite right.‘We need to try to nail it down as a group,’ he added. ‘I get that, we will all work together. It is here to stay so let’s try to get it working as well as we can. It is still not easy. It is not as clear cut as everyone imagines, that you get a video replay and suddenly everyone is happy. It is not that way and if they have the humility to say that we can all improve, that is a good thing.’