Frank Lampard was disappointed that his team didn't do more to stop Wolverhampton Wanderers' counter-attacking threat as the points slipped away from us at Molineux.

We took the lead through a fine Olivier Giroud volley early in the second half but couldn't hold on to our lead as Wolves fought back and scored twice to win the game, their winner coming at the end of a quick counter-attack deep into added time.

The nature of that conceded goal was particularly disappointing for our head coach, as those Wolves counter-attacks were something he and his players had planned to deal with in the game.

'We didn’t play well enough. It’s pretty simple,' said Lampard. 'The threat of Wolves is clearly the counter-attack. They’ve got others but the counter-attack is the main one.

'They defend well, they’re organised, they have speed and quality in forward areas. The players knew it before the game, the players knew it in the game, and we allowed some counter-attacks and if you allow a team to play to their strengths then you may lose that game.'

We could have seen the game out given our strong position with a 1-0 lead...

'I’m disappointed to lose the game. We had it under pretty good control at the point of 1-0. We weren’t playing brilliantly but we had control.

'I thought the game was there for us to win and then obviously we allowed them back into the game. We allowed them momentum, we allowed them some counter-attacks and we lose the game. So I’m really disappointed.'

The team is still developing and learned an important lesson in why you have to maintain your high levels in the Premier League...

'We had a long unbeaten run, everyone sung our praises. I was the last one to do that, it’s my job to stay level-headed. So I shouldn’t get too disappointed tonight as much as I’d like to. I didn’t get too elated against Leeds when we were on the back of a really good run.

'Clearly when we perform like we did today then that’s not game management, that’s not the level that we are striving for. I still think there’s a lot of improvement to come in the group so I wouldn’t say I’m massively surprised.

'My experience of the Premier League tells me that if you drop your standards, which we have in two games, particularly away from home, you can lose football matches. So a big lesson for the players there.'