Olivier Giroud says if we perform at our best we can repeat our FA Cup win over Liverpool from earlier this year and spoil their title celebrations at Anfield.

As it is the Reds’ final home match of the season, they will be presented with the Premier League trophy after the game. However, despite their impressive performance to be crowned champions over the course of the season, Giroud is certain we are capable of matching Liverpool on the pitch on the night, just as we did for that 2-0 victory at Stamford Bridge in the FA Cup fifth round in March.

‘On one game we can beat them,’ said the French striker. ‘With confidence, we are playing our game with freedom and desire to be together and focus on the same target. So on the whole season, obviously they have been much better, but on one game you never know.

‘We beat them this year and we have high expectations for the end of the season. So we just want to finish the job. It’s going to be a very tough one, don’t get me wrong, but we have the qualities to win this game.

‘It’s going to be a good one, a tough one, especially because they have had a few disappointing results recently and they will lift the trophy after our game. I think they will want to bounce back. So I don’t think it is the best period to play them.

‘But we definitely need three more points to help secure a place in the Champions League, so we will play both our Premier League games at 100 per cent. Against Wolves it is going to be tough too because they are still involved in the Europa League race. So it’s going to be tough, but we are in good momentum and we want to keep it up.’

With Liverpool already having secured the Premier League title, we will form the now-traditional guard of honour to applaud the champions onto the pitch before kick-off. However, Giroud has no problem with acknowledging Liverpool’s status as deserving winners and just sees it as a reminder that we will need to be at our best at Anfield against such a tough opponent.

‘It’s well deserved so you just have to clap and say congratulations. Liverpool played great football, I think some of the best football in Europe these last two years. Even though they’ve had disappointing results recently, they’ve been so consistent and so strong for two years so they deserved this title.

‘But I think in one game we can match them. We can compete with them and we need to be solid and strong as we’ve been against Manchester United. It’s going to be an interesting one but the difference between them and us, I would say it is all about consistency, repeatedly winning again and again. That’s what we missed this season and hopefully we’re going to correct it for the next one.’

Liverpool have also seemed to be one of the Frenchman’s favourite opponents since he came to the Premier League, having scored seven goals in 13 starts against them, including two in four games for Chelsea, a record he is hoping to continue.

‘I scored a few goals against Liverpool with Arsenal, also with Chelsea. At Anfield I scored a brace four years ago. It’s a nice stadium and I like the atmosphere. Unfortunately there are no fans this time, we miss it so much, but I always really enjoy playing there.

‘The third game of the season when I first arrived at Arsenal in 2012, we played there and it was the first time I heard the song the Arsenal fans made for me, to the tune of “Hey Jude”. It’s a good memory I won’t forget.

‘Every single game I have played there was special. I respect Liverpool and the stadium is full of history. I believe we play the football to enjoy this kind of moment and hopefully I will score again at Anfield. With Chelsea I have scored in a couple of games against them, so I need more and more.’

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