The first task for Kai Havertz after he became a Chelsea player by signing a five-year contract on Friday evening was to face our cameras and give his first interview as a Blue, and the 21-year-old welcomed the chance to express his excitement about his move from Bayer Leverkusen to join a team with big name players and emerging talent (some of whom he knows already), and develop his game under Frank Lampard.

The German also explained what it is about the prospect of playing at Chelsea that enthuses him the most.
‘For me Chelsea is always a big club and I remember all the big players who played here,’ he said in the interview which can be viewed in the video above.

‘Now Chelsea have very big players and I am very excited to play here and for me it is a very big step. I try my best in the coming few weeks and months and years, and just try my best to help the team.’

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On Frank Lampard, Havertz had this to say:

‘Of course he had a big impact on my decision because I loved him as a player and watched him very often, and I think I can learn from him now he is a manager as well. I think he is a very humble person and a great guy and I can’t wait to play with him and learn from him.

‘He was very offensive like me and he loves to score goals, and I love to score goals as well so I think he will help me a lot in my position. Also maybe on the things that I can improve and I can’t wait to work with him.’

The timing of his move to London and the project Lampard is building at Chelsea are subjects considered.

‘I think it is very exciting because Chelsea has very young players and I know some of the players like Timo [Werner] and Toni [Rudiger],’ he said. ‘I have played with them in the national team and they are good friends of mine and so I think this is very good for me. Also that Chelsea have very young players and English players and that is very nice and a big project. Hopefully we can have many successes.

’I want to achieve as much as possible, I try to do my best and of course it is a very big step. For me it is a new country, a new culture and it is difficult maybe in the first two or three weeks, but then I think I just want to play football and have fun with the boys. Of course I want to have big success and we want to win titles here. Chelsea is always a big club and they want to win titles and I try to do my best so we can achieve these things.’

Finally, Havertz had a message for the Chelsea fans…

‘First of all, thank you very much. I am glad to be here and I read very many messages from them and they write to me very often on my social media account. So I saw that and cannot wait to play in front of the fans. I try to do my best to make them proud and I try to do my best so we have many successes.’