It is Mother’s Day in the UK yet for Emma Hayes, time with her son will be limited due to Chelsea Women’s FA Cup appointment at Reading today.

The chance to progress to the semi-final is there for the cup holders and Hayes admits that Mother’s Day has not been a regular day of leisure for her over the years.

‘It isn’t because we've always got a game,’ she notes. ‘I'm sure Harry will make me something but I'll be out the door early to get to Cobham to meet the team to have breakfast, before we set off for Reading.

‘So let’s hope Mother's Day is qualifying for the next round of the cup and maybe we can bake some cakes later when I get home at night.’

It has certainly been a day to enjoy from a football sense in the past, with Mother’s Day 2022 serving up a 9-0 win away to Leicester and the year before, Chelsea Women winning 6-0 at Bristol City.

Today’s game kicks off at 2pm and can be watched on the FA Player