Understandably describing herself as exhausted, not only by the season just completed but by the whole 12 years of unprecedented success, Emma Hayes says it was with reluctance that she allowed her championship-winning players to push her into the spotlight after the 6-0 title-clinching win at Old Trafford.

Yet again the departing Chelsea manager got her team selection spot on, not least when bringing back Mayra Ramirez from injury with the striker scoring two fine goals and assisting two others. She was also brought Fran Kirby on in the second half for the leading scorer to net her farewell goal and complete such an impressive victory.

‘Cringy’ was how Hayes described being thrust forward to take the deserved acclaim.

‘You can tell Cat [Macario] is the American in the group because she's not afraid of that,’ she added. ‘I'm British and if I wasn't a football manager, I'm that person in the social group that sits in the corner. I'm not someone who is front and centre in my life.

‘But yes, it was the perfect day. Mayra only did one half-session in training, yesterday, and maybe in normal circumstances she wouldn't play today. You could see her hamstring taped up and to be honest, I didn't know if she was going to be available for the game.

‘But she speaks Spanish, I speak Spanish, and I said are you're ready, and she I'm playing, and she was absolutely sensational in the first half - but the whole team were.

‘I picked a team that had the emotional maturity to handle today. That's why I put Zecira Musovic in goal. She’s 27 years of age and has been third choice, sometimes second choice, rarely been the first, but she's one of the most amazing humans I've ever coached because she is someone who's been sat in the background and felt she could impact the team.

‘For her to come in for the last three games and keep three clean sheets, that's what epitomises Chelsea.’

As has Kirby for so long – with the forward having shard almost all the trophies win with her manager.

‘Fran has really struggled with a diminishing role in the team,’ admitted Hayes, ‘but when I look at Fran and her tenure with the club, I think icon, legend, top goalscorer.

‘Everybody in this environment wanted her to score today and for her to have that moment with the fans was amazing - and by the way, the fans were absolutely amazing. I absolutely loved the fans today.

‘I'm so happy for Fran and I want her to look at a moment like that and remember all she's achieved at Chelsea. I absolutely wish her the best in her future.’

Summing up a season that has ended with a big success, Hayes highlighted the number of major players who have missed significant numbers of matches.

‘Losing the volume of leadership we have at the back and up top did take its toll, plus the transitioning of new, young players and the diminishing role of some of the senior players.

‘That's why for me this is the best title. We're not stupid. We know we weren't at our best. But for us to win the title…wow!’