At 3pm today, the 5th Stand app will be showing the full game re-run of our 2009 FA Cup final victory over Everton, a significant day in the career of former Chelsea interim head coach, Guus Hiddink.

The experienced Dutchman had two short stints in charge of the Blues and, during his first reign, he led Chelsea to victory in the FA Cup following a dramatic turnaround against the Toffees at Wembley back in 2009.

Ahead of that full game showing at 3pm today, we returned to the thoughts of Hiddink as he reflected on a special day for him – and the Blues – in the Wembley sunshine 11 years ago.

‘The FA Cup, not just in England but worldwide, is recognised as the cup to win,’ recalls Hididnk. ‘I was fined later because I smoked a celebration cigar inside Wembley!

‘When we won, it was beautiful to go up the stairs and see the players and the captain grabbing the cup, and I happened to be the last one and to have it also, that was a thrilling moment.

‘We were 1-0 down, surprisingly we got caught very early but the team reacted with confidence because they were not panicking, not thinking it is a final and it is slipping away.

‘Didier Drogba scored with a header and then Frank Lampard with a left-foot shot. They played as they were used to playing in other big games in the FA Cup and in the Champions League, so they were confident to restore this and we did.

‘What I liked very much was when we were on the bus on the way to the stadium, you saw all the fans integrated, walking on the street in their shirts which was for me amazing,’ Hiddink recalls about approaching Wembley with Chelsea.

‘I am from a country where the fans are separated by fences. Here they were not and for me, this is real football. The teams are competing in old rivalries and the fans have their preferences of course but they are walking together. That is how it should be.’

Tune in on the 5th Stand from 3pm to watch the game in full.