The programme for tomorrow’s FA Cup fifth round tie against Leeds United takes a deep dive into the rivalry between these two clubs, rooted in this competition.

Our last FA Cup tie against the Yorkshiremen was, in fact, the 1970 final, which we celebrate with a special collectors’ edition cover, featuring Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris holding aloft the famous old trophy on the shoulders of his iconic team-mates.

Inside, Ben Chilwell speaks exclusively to us about his understanding of the rivalry, which he remembers from his childhood.

'I knew about Chelsea-Leeds before I played for Chelsea,' he says. 'It’s not a game that you come to Chelsea to get told about – you know about that rivalry anyway.

'So, an FA Cup tie, where it’s all or nothing, is going to be a great game. It’s also an opportunity for us to get on another cup run.'

Our vice-captain also emphasises the importance of keeping a level head during up-and-down periods of his career, a particularly important virtue following a cup final disappointment.

'Try and stay level,' he says. 'When things are going well, don’t get too high; when things are going bad, don’t get too low. It becomes a rollercoaster if you do that. Try and stay level and put things in perspective, with the highs and the lows.'

Paul Canoville provides a unique perspective on the Chelsea-Leeds story, explaining how he had grown up watching Don Revie’s team on the TV before facing some of those stars of his childhood in action as a young winger with the Blues.

'To come on in that game and play Eddie Gray’s Leeds, when players like Peter Lorimer were still there – that was emotional for me,' he explains. 'With the history between Chelsea and Leeds, and the battles they had, things changed for me that day.

'We won 5-0, I came off the bench in the second half and scored the fifth past David Harvey – who had played in goal in the FA Cup final in 1970 – and that was a major moment for me.'

Our long read is a retrospective rewatching of both games from that 1970 final, more than half a century on, so you’ll have no excuses not to understand how this not-so-local rivalry developed once you’ve finished reading the programme.

For all this, plus the manager and captain’s notes, and all the latest from the women’s team and Academy, make sure you pick up a copy from the programme sellers around the stadium, or the online shop of our publications partner, Reach Sport.