Our vice-captain is the next player to answer the questions in the regular feature where we ask players to make selections based on their past, their recent choices and what crops up time and time again. He reveals what kept him hooked to the screen 24 hours a day, why he did not take proper holidays and who meant there was extra pressure when he took his driving test…

First: What was the first football kit you ever wore?I can’t remember the first honestly, but I think it was maybe a shirt of the national team of Brazil. It was a gift from my parents. I can remember it from the pictures. All the kids in Brazil get Brazil shirts. It was no.10.Last: When was the last time you wore a football shirt of a team you weren’t playing for?

It was a long time ago, before I became a professional. It was a Kaka shirt, a Milan shirt.

Always: What is an old football shirt you have kept?

I don’t have the shirts from when I was a kid anymore but I have a shirt from every season I played as a professional and I have every shirt I have ever swapped with another player, so I have a lot of shirts at home.

First: What was the first thing you eat or drunk this morning?Water.Last: What is the last thing you normally consume before bed? Water as well! It is important. The last food I have in the day is probably pasta.Always: What do you reckon you eat most during the week? Eggs probably. And I eat bread a lot.

First: What was the first movie you really liked growing up?I still love it! It was Gladiator. I liked it when I was a kid because there was a lovely story behind it and I loved action movies and there is a lot of action in Gladiator!Last: What was the last film or TV programme you watched?I am still watching it as it is a series – it is Queen of the South. It is about narco-trafficking in Mexico.Always: What have you watched most often in your life?There is not really anything I have watched again and again but the series I watched most quickly because I just could not stop watching it was Prison Break. It was like I was watching 24 hours a day until the end!

First: Where did you go on your holidays when a child?My city Imbituba is an amazing place for a holiday anyway. People go there for a holiday so honestly I did not go away for a holiday and because our situation was not easy about money. So there was no reason to go away. In my city we had beaches, sun, and no money, so it was perfect for holiday!Last: What it the most recent place you have visited for a break?The last time was June to Brazil. When I have had a break during this season I have not been away. Now during this winter break I will go to Brazil and go straight to my city because I love it there, it is an amazing place as I said. Now it is more to see my friends and family because I am away all year and I go straight there.Always: Where do you go to most often?To Imbituba for sure. When I have the time I go straight there.

First: Can you remember the first phone you owned?Yes, it was a grey one that opened with a flip. It was LG. I loved it at that moment but it had no internet. You could just message and make calls.Last: What was the last app you installed on your current device?It was a long time ago but it was Deliveroo. I use it. Sometimes you have to.Always: What do you spend most time on your phone doing?Instagram. Or WhatsApp.

First: What was the first video game you bought?It was Nintendo. Super Mario and a football game but I can’t remember the name of that.Last: What was the last video game you played?I don’t play anymore. When you have two kids you have no time.Always: Who did you always play with?Not team-mates but friends because I only played it at home.

First: Did you pass your driving test first time?First time, straightaway! Because my mum works teaching driving. She is an instructor so I already knew driving as she taught me. For sure it meant there is more pressure when you take the test and even though you know how to drive you feel nervous because there is someone looking at you for every single detail. I took the test in Italy.  My dad as well taught me because when I was young he put me on his legs and I would steer and he would do the feet.Last: When was the last time you used public transport?Something like 10 years ago when I was in the academy for Hellas Verona and I used the bus to go to training.Always: What music do you always listen to in the car?Brazilian music. Which type depends on the day but mostly Sertanejo.

First: When was the first time you learned English?When I moved here to Chelsea. Never before. I have been learning for one-and-half-years.Last: What was the most recent new word or phrase you learned?NaïveAlways: What in English do you never get the hang of?What does cause problems sometimes is when you make a sentence, you have to change Portuguese for English and in English for example you say ‘Jorginho’s phone’ and in Portuguese you have to say ‘phone of Jorginho’. So you have to change it around but when you have to talk quickly you make some mistakes.

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