In the latest Like A Pro interview, Jorginho talks us through some of his highlights in a Chelsea shirt and explains why his injury-time winner against Leeds United was such a special moment.

The Italian international offers some great insight into what goes through a player’s mind on the pitch as he reviews clips of himself in action for Chelsea and explains what he is thinking.

Key to that for a midfield playmaker like Jorginho is awareness of what is around him, with the 30-year-old using one example of evading a high-press at home against Crystal Palace to underline how important it is to keep your head up at all times.

‘Before the ball comes you know the pressure’s coming, because all the time you need to be looking around,’ he says. ‘You need to understand where the pressure’s coming from so you can decide where to go. If your body position is not right, then probably you’re going to lose the ball.’

Jorginho also discussed his mentality in the moments before taking a penalty, picking out one high-pressure kick in particular, when he scored from the spot for the second time in the same game to give us a late victory over Leeds at Stamford Bridge.

‘I was tired and I was like “keep focused, breathe, breathe, breathe”. Because sometimes you are tired and when you are tired, to clear your mind and try to not feel that pressure and your legs and all your body because you are tired, and stay calm and stay focused, it’s hard sometimes.

‘I knew how much the game meant for the Chelsea fans and in that moment before I’m thinking “it’s 90 minutes, I need to score this one” and I know how much it means and how important this game is for us.

‘I’m thinking all of that and the goalkeeper’s telling me he knows where I’m going to shoot. So when I’m walking back, it’s the moment when I’m clearing my mind and not thinking about anything else, just me and the keeper and what I’m going to do.

‘The keeper’s pointing telling me I’m going to go there and I’m like “maybe, you move for me first then let’s see”!

‘It was just an amazing feeling celebrating when I scored. This feeling, that’s why I love football so much.’

You can see the full Like A Pro interview with Jorginho using more clips to explain how he spots a killer pass and decides when to control possession and when to push forward in the video at the top of the page.